Included in rental price

1. Insurance, Coverage and Exemptions

Third Party Insurance
Liability Insurance guarantees the responsibility of the driver for the damages caused to third parties, excluding the rental car. It also covers injuries suffered by other people, whether people are in the car rented or not.

If the driver of the rented vehicle drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or uses the vehicle negligently or recklessly or breaches the conditions of the Rental Agreement, all insurance cover will be canceled. Under these conditions the driver is solely responsible for any damage of the vehicle, loss of use and any other associated cost.
Damage caused by drivers not registered in the Rental Agreement is not included in the coverage. The leased vehicles are only driven by authorized drivers and registered in that contract.

2. Included at no extra cost

Airport surcharge
Emergency Travel Assistance
Local taxes
Road Tax / Road Traffic Tax

3. Mileage Policy
Unlimited miles

Not Included in the Rental Price

1. Parking Fees and Fines

All parking fees, overspeed penalties and parking or traffic fines during the rental period is the renter’s responsibility. All these expenses and other administrative expenses will be sent to the lessee.
2. Cleaning Fees
After the rental if the car needs a cleaning that is more than reasonable, a fee of 40.00 € will be charged,

3. Administration fees in case of damage to the vehicle
After the return will be charged by the landlord an administration fee for damages caused in the car, along with the amount deducted from the deductible.
A vehicle restraint fee will also be charged. This rate is calculated on the basis of the number of days of detention and the category of the rented vehicle.

4. Vehicle Lifting and Return
Delivery and Collection takes place only upon request. Supplier conditions and fees may apply.
a) Off-the-record service
A fee of € 20.00 will be charged if there is a need to refer a member of the team for delivery or collection of the vehicle between 23.00 and 08.00.
b) Airport Transfer Service
You will be charged an Airport Transfer Service fee of € 10.00

Vehicle survey:
a) Documents required in the survey
◦ Identification Document
▪ Identity document of the country of residence;
▪ Passport
◦ Driving License
▪ It will be mandatory to provide the valid driving license of the main driver and the additional driver.
◦ Credit Card
▪ Accepted Visa
When picking up the car it is necessary that the main driver has in his possession a card if credit in his own name. This card must have a fund available to cover the amount of the deposit, which will be blocked during the whole rental.

b) Survey Information
Flights: In the case of airport surveys, the customer must provide the number, company and time of arrival of the flight. Otherwise the landlord can not be held responsible if the vehicle is no longer available if the flight is delayed.
If the booking is already completed you can, in advance, send us an email to provide this data.

c) Payment terms

The rental cost must be paid at the time of delivery of the vehicle.

When the online booking guarantee is paid, the respective amount is deducted from the total rental.

After the prepayment is made, only changes are allowed. Once the reservation canceled the value of the booking guarantee will not be refunded.

d) Security deposit
The client will leave a deposit of € 400.00. This amount will be blocked on the credit card until the vehicle is returned. This value will be released up to 48 hours after the delivery of the vehicle, provided that it is under the same conditions at the time of removal.
Due to the fluctuation of exchange rates and other possible bank charges, the lessor can not be held liable for any difference between the amount paid and the amount repaid.

e) Optional Insurance and Insurance available
Own Damage Coverage
In case of damage to the rented car reduces the responsibility of the driver. Limits the legal obligation of the driver to pay for the repair or replacement of the car subject to the terms of the rental agreement.
Instead of the total cost, the driver is only responsible for the amount of the Franchise chosen:

Safe Price per day | Franchise
9,00 € | 900,00 €
12,00 € | 500,00 €
40,00 € | 56,00 €

This protection covers all drivers authorized by the rental agreement.

e) Other Extras
In the survey of the vehicle there are extra services and equipment that can be provided if requested by the renters. The payment of these charges will be made in your survey.

The renter will have to request the desired extras at the time of booking. Even in advance, and due to the flow of reservations, the lessor can not guarantee the availability of the same in the survey of the car.
• Highchair for babies: € 4,00 / per day
• Children’s Seat: 2,00 € / per day
• Navigation System (GPS) – 9,00 € / per day

5. Fuel
(a) Fuel information
Same Level – the car will be delivered with a certain level of fuel in the tank and must be returned with the same level of fuel. There may be additional charges if the car is returned with less fuel in the tank.
b) Refueling Rate
The renter will have to pay a restocking fee of € 20.00 for each ¼ difference deposit if the vehicle is returned with less fuel at the end of the rental.

Contact Information
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